Friday, July 1, 2011

Minutes from the meeting about benefit party

Dear all,
Yesterday ¿? we talked about the “benefit party”; though no decision was taken because we were not a lot of people, we made a suggestions list in which everyone can participate.
1) Place: Ana is going to talk with OT301 and OCCII and Paco with Joe’s garage
2) Date: Everyone wants it to be as soon as possible but it is better to make things right even if it takes a bit longer, so it has been proposed Saturday 23rd of July.
3) Posters and advertising: Mel is in charge of making posters and flyers
4) Coordination: As Julia is in charge of coordination between cities, she will continue with it, but there is a person needed for coordination with other groups (Greeks, Dutch, squatters, associations that want to participate…) and for coordination of the action itself I ¿? am doing it myself but if anyone else wants to do it just say so.
5) Street diffusion: For the moment Maria is in this group, but the more people the better.
6) Disinformation workshop: Achi is in charge of checking how to do so and which videos are we going to show (subtitles are needed).
7) Music bands: Ana will talk with Caspian, Maria with Super City and Achi with a “rumba catalana” band that she knows. Everyone is welcome to ask other bands.

The idea would be to start around 6.30-7p.m. with food, an information desk and showing the videos of the disinformation workshop. When this finishes around 10-11 p.m., start with the concerts (2-3 bands) and then go on with a jam session.

For the information desk we need:
1) A suggestions box
2) Information flyers
3) Collect e-mails to be all in contact with each other
4) Information about the existing working groups and proposals for new ones.
This is just an option, so for everyone who wants to participate, we hope to have the place for the party within this week already and make a serious meeting to specify everything, we’ll let you know.

It has also been proposed as name of the party: “We give A’Dam! (The Party)”

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