Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plaza protest: Thusday, July 14, 19.00, Heuvel, Tilburg.Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

Thursday, July 14, from 19.00 hour, there will be a plaza protest in Tilburg, at the Heuvel, Tilburg


Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

Plaza protest: Thusday, July 14, 19.00, Heuvel, Tilburg

The government cuts, the government destroys what we need for our existence. Those austerity policies themselves have to be destroyed. It is time for protest.

The PGB for many people will be stopped. People have to make bigger financial contributions for mental healthcare. Chronically sick, need help? Bad luck, see how you can manage. Need mental healthcare through GGZ? Just pay a lot extra. Fitting education, for children who need axtra attention, will be low-quality because of cuts. Orchestra's, theater companies, other art institutions will be cut back or will even have to close. VAT for tickets will rise, concerts etcetera wil be even more expensive. Jobs will be lost, choice in events wil be diminished.

Again and again, the most vulnerable people wil be hurt. Rich people will keep their tax subsidies for houses, capitalists continue to profit of tax advantages – at our expense. Money that is not availibla for care and public transport, suddenly appears for an expensive JSF fighter plane. We want this harsh austerity policies to be stopped. That is why we take action

The Netherlands does not stand alone. In Spain, there is mass unemployment, and severe cuts are imposed. In Greece, austority measures are pushing many people into deep poverty. It is blackmail: if Greece does not cut, the EU will not extend credits. Those credits don't benefit the poor Greek: they flow right back to pay back earlier debts. People in Spain and greece protest in large numbers against austerity and against their government. They give a good example, they deserve solidarity. For tht reason, too, we take action.

Therefore: come together at the Heuvelin Tiburg, on July 14, on 19.00! There will be some music, slogans will be made visible – but by all means brong your own banners, placards and other means of expression to contribute creatively to the protest. See and hear you. On the 14th of July – and please help spread this call!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112911648801877

Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

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