Saturday, July 30, 2011


Secretary: Sara
14 people were present.

The points discussed were the following:

1. Define the coordination between the local and international groups:

We decided to change the name of the group for “Zuid-Holland/South Holland” as there are not only people from Den Haag attending the assemblies, but also people from Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. This can allow people to join more easily the group.

2. Media used for diffusion:

We decided that N-1 seemed to be the more appropriate tool to use. We decided to slowly leave the mailing-list used for communication and all register to N-1. A delay of 1-2 months is given to the group members to pass to N-1. (From now on the summaries of the assemblies will only be published on N-1 and the blog). A course about how N-1 works will be given by Paco from Amsterdam, but he is in Holland until the 25th of August. We still have to define the date and place of this course!!!

We agreed that N-1 will allow us to have our internal discussions.

We also had the idea of asking the administrators of N-1 if it would be possible to create one big group of Holland inside N-1 and have as subgroups the groups of Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht... . This would allow to be very organised, save time and diffuse better. We are waiting an answer for this possibility.

We decided to keep Facebook and use it for minimal discussions and for the announcement of big events:

We also decided to keep the blog and use it for the annoucement of big events and general information. In N-1 a subgroup will be created to discuss about what to put in the blog. Concerning the blog we have been told that there is only one boy managing it. He would need the assistance of one or two volunteers to help him out! If someone feels like doing it. Welcome!

If you want to join N-1. Click on this link after registering you can search for the group called “Assembly South Holland” or go directly to If you cannot find it search for Oscar Pretix (who is at the moment the administrator of the group) maybe it will be easier. Peolple can join the group freely. If ever you do so, please put a picture of any kind and try to fill in your profile and habilities (this could allow a better organisation). The idea is just to see how N-1 works and practise. If it doesn't work correctly you can ask a question on “bug”, which is on the bottom of the page of N-1.

3. Plans for the future:

A short guest Caroline from Freiburg talked about how the movement 15M was working in Germany.

We decided to start doing some actions. This could take place in September as many people come back from holidays. The aim is to diffuse the movement to local Dutch people and make them understand that we are in the same struggle.
We thought of joining local movements like the dancers, architects or Tolhuistuin one's. We also had the idea to protest in front of the international law court and embassies. We decided to open a subgroup for this purpese on N-1.

We also talked about helping to organize the march to Brussels or simply join a group of walkers. One's proposed to make an info-night in one of the cities of Zuid-Holland on the first week-end of September to spread more information about the global movement of October the 15th. We decided to open a subgroup for this purpose on N-1 (

4. Remarks about the info-night of the 23rd of July

We all agreed that it was a very good idea to organise this info-night. It allowed us to get to know each other better and in general we had a good time. The few remarks we could make are about technical matters. When watching the documentaries, the sound wasn't very good which made new people wanting to join the movement, difficult to understand what the movement was really about. Before projecting the documentaries someone could have presented them and after the showing a short time could have been given to people to express their opinions.

It was also a pity that the short videos that were planned to be shown, finally weren't. It would have been nice to show the short video about the 15M movement in Portugal and make people understand that the movement is spreading.

We decided that our next meeting will be held in Den Haag on the 3rd of August at 18.30

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ACTA-MINUTES assembly 27/07 19h Museumplein Amsterdam

Proposed points  to be discussed
·         Evaluation of the info-party on Saturday 23rd
 >how to coordinate the people who joined the work commisions
 >how to manage the obtained money 

·         Coordination with the rest of the groups
 >evaluate the interaction with the non-spanish group
 >integrate within the general assemblies
 >follow the tolhuistuin events

·         Forums and media 

 > (comunication with the administrator)

·         Plans for the future
>Brussels' march
 >Follow Democracia Real Ya Propossals
 >Draw an action list

Additional topics to be discussed:

·         Workshop about N-1
·         Anonymous Survey about Why people are not joining the assemblies and the events anymore.
·         March to Brussels
·         Join to existing platforms and institutions to use their infrastructure

The assembly started discussing about the info-party. Which ones were the troubles and How to manage the obtained money. It has been decided to discuss this in since the people presented at the assembly were considered insufficient.

The info-party was considered a success and dozens of mail addresses were gathered. It is to be send a collective mail to the people who have sign in and to include the mail list of the current participants in the commissions organized early June, (Diffusion, Contents, Media, Action, Coordination, Logistics…) to give continuity to the organization as it is. The different commissions will be subscribed to  

The propose of the mail is also to call for  a workshop related to the functioning of the independent social network N-1 which has been decided the best platform to interact in and with the movement. This workshop is to be organized around Friday 5 in OT301 but final confirmation is still expected.

It has been discussed to organize an anonymous survey to get the feedback from people is not longer joining or participating actively. The purpose is to understand which are the reasons might “disconnect” the people with the movement in order to improve the coordination and to gather all the efforts together.

It has been proposed a March to Brussels by bike and/or bus to join efforts with other participant along Europe who are coming to Brussels around 15 October to protest against economical policies but mainly to show unity and solidarity among us

It has been discussed the possibility of creating contact with political parties, and NGO with the only intention of using their infrastructure and to create a parallel United Nations. It has been discussed than the current WSF is already gathering collectively this effort and we should focus into consolidate as a movement and to act locally for the time being.

It is decided to use as mere informative the current platforms
 and use the social network to organized discuss ad coordinate the efforts:

The assembly was closed and some of the participants enjoyed a potato- omelet with some beers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you are outraged with the current economic and political situation, if you feel "indignado", come to the first info night in Amsterdam regarding the 15M movement. Join us in sharing information on the current situation in Spain, Greece, and other countries, and on the developments of the protest movements there.

De Pepper OT301. Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

23rd JULY (Saturday) from 18'00 onwards

- Good food from 18'00 to 21'00
- Documentaries and videos
- Informative talk about Greece
- Photo-exhibition
- Debates
- Information desk
- Information available about the current working groups in the Netherlands supporting the World Revolution, get involved!
- Live video connection with Madrid where a demonstration will take place to celebrate the arrival of the protests marches from the other cities
- Live music with Tentempiés and other bands
- A lot of love and illusion
- A lot of people
- And the most important thing.......YOU

Together we can change the world!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Utrecht Open Peoples' Assembly

O P E N - P E O P L E S - A S S E M B L Y - U T R E C H T
every thursday - 20:00 Domplein/ACU

B E I N G - A N G R Y - M E A N S - Y O U - K N O W
We celebrate that the Dutch citizens are angry. That they are indignated and outraged. That they asks questions about how our governments still try to convince their people that saving on human evolution is a good thing, that they are critical about how our governments continue to defend and keep stating that there are no other ways. We celebrate that the manifestatons of the art world, health care, environmental groups, anti-fascist groups, students, education, public transport, and many more are organizing their manifestations against senseless politics that - so we all have learned - listens more to the voice of money and power than the voice of its people and their democray.

D E M O C R A C Y - I S - T H E - P E O P L E
It is not the institutions that form democracy, it is human consciousness which creates and upholds it. We celebrate that the flame of the common complaint of these manifestations has a wider perspective than just defending their own group. We celebrate the fact that every one sees that looking further than just themselves invites every human being to direct democracy and that it is time to bundle all our forces.

B R I N G I N G - B A C K - C O L O U R - T O - O U R - V O I C E S
This is in fact happening everywhere in Europe and the world. On May 15th, in Spain the so called #SpanishRevolution brought hundreds of thousands people together on the streets. Everyhwere in the country started to pop up spontaneous, democratic peoples' assemblies which brought back power and colours to the voices of the people. The flame spread itself from Iceland and Spain to Greece, Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany and knows in the meantime already hundreds of representatives in the Netherlands and it grew to more than 10.000 people on the March of Civilization. Since 2 months now, we are having weekly open peoples' assemblies where the basic idea is direct democracy. This movement knows in Europe already more than 1 million people who try everyday to get closer to a universal world vision.

O R D I N A R Y - P E O P L E
We are just ordinary people who know it is time to let intelligence and humanity reign over manipulation, power and earnings. We are confident humanity is ready for this next step and that a democracy, based on everyone's idea is so many times stronger that the ficticious democracies of representatives, bankers and lobbyists.

We therefore invite you to join our open assemblies. Because so we can share and exchange knowledge, visions and methods to organize ourselves and grow together.

W I T H O U T - E X C E P T I O N
We believe that the real power of creation lies with the people. We believe that every single human being has the right to co-create the future visions of this planet. Without selection on colour, race, sexual preference, religion, nationality, roots, language, sex or status of your bank account. We believe that it is a human right to live out your deepest expression.

We believe humanity is ready for this. Together we are.

With greetings of the anonymous, the voiceless, the political colourless, the people for people.

Every Thursday Domplein 20:00 Utrecht (TakeTheSquare Utrecht)
Every Friday Tolhuistuin 17:00 Amsterdam (Plein der Beschaving X)
Every Sunday Dam 18:00 Amsterdam (TakeTheSquare A'dam)


Hope to see u all there

Hello you!

Do you feel the wave of change happening in the world? Like something is about to burst? Have we finally understood that we are here to love, celebrate, and protect life on this planet? Are we going to massively shift away from corporate powerblocks, oppression, moneyslaving you know... a culture based on unlimited greed, pollution and depletion, crisis and bullshit?

How about being part of a sparkling, friendly initiative?

July 16th Radical friends FLASHMOB organized with THE LOVE POLICE

Yeah that's right! Love Police (charly veitch) is coming to town!
And yeah we are going to be doing a flashmob and a free hug session!

Why: Because It´s rejecting a fear based culture! It´s a streetaction that brings good people closer together
Why else: Because we are the ones we've been waiting for when it comes to moving away from a sick society... to a society based on equality, diversity

Where: We'll meet up at the entrance of Vondelpark (AMSTERDAM) for a pre-meeting for the flashmob
Time: 12.00 on saturday 16 juli

So please come and bring all your friends for a fun, energy refreshing street action!
RSVP at facebook Radical Friends page
Here you can also read more about the media outlet: environmental documentary / videoclip of streetaction
Or watch the radical friends promo


With a love and friendship that reaches out to each one of you,


PS QUESTIONS - ask CHIHIRO 06 1458 1983
PS BRING A ´FREE HUG SIGN´, make some with your friends... put the message on a balloon, a carton box you get from the supermarket or n old t shirt,
be as creative as you wish!


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Proceedings of the open assembly in Den Haag on the 8th of July of 2010

Secretary: Miguel (Portugal)

There were present around 15 people.

The points for discussion were:
- Coming events.
- Working groups.
- Discuss ideas for action on the 15th of October.
- Social networks

The meeting started with a general discussion of the current economic and political situation in Europe. Ideas on actions that promote change were discussed.

One possibility of action that was discussed was to do something during strikes that are organized by unions. The pros and cons of this type of action were discussed, but no decision was taken. It was decided that more research should be done on the unions, specially on the workers which are not part of the union bureocracy, to see if there are actions which could be interesting without putting in jeopardy the independence of the movement.
Someone suggested that a list of documentaries should be placed on a wiki or other easy to reach place, such that people can get more informed on the questions surrounding debt, the current economic situation and how we it came to be. Some of the documentaries suggested were:
- Zeitgeist
- Capitalism: a love story.
- debtocracy.
- money as debt.

Social Networks: It was said that it might be useful to set up a mailing list for people that want to be informed on the actions of the collective (i.e. google groups). Regarding the platform for organization of people participating in activities, comities, etc, it was discussed that n-1 ( might be a good option. Other social networks discussed were agora and laurea?? . There is a person in Amsterdam that organizes n-1 workshops, it was stated that it would be a good idea to organize a workshop of n-1 in Den Haag.

Action 15 October:

- Counter the perception that the countries of the south are "just having fun". A slogan could be that "we are not living above our rights". It was stated, that the language of the governments and those that defend the cuts to public services has to be put into question, since those services did not fall from the sky, they were earned by the workers in countries like Portugal, Spain or Greece with a lot of sacrifice. Essentially the public services have to be defended, for they are a hard earned right.
- Somehow address the issue of debt.

see you next wednesday 13th of July.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We call on everyone, who is in solidarity with the people struggling throughout the world to protest on the Dam square in Amsterdam on Sunday July 10th at 17:00.

—————————————- Open assembly in Amsterdam————————————–

Since the outburst of the financial crisis back in 2008, there is an on-going attack on the social and political rights of the people. This attack seems to be different across countries, but at a closer inspection, it becomes obvious that is actually the same. The policies of European governments, EU officials and IMF are common: budget cuts are imposed and human rights are deprived.

However, during the last months citizens around the world have been rising up. From North Africa to South Europe we have seen people taking the streets, occupying squares and starting to have people's assemblies. With the authority of the political parties and unions fading, they have started to take things in their own hands.

On Wednesday June 29th at the peaceful demonstration which took place in Syntagma square, Athens, there were numerous incidents of police brutality. More than 500 people were injured and thousands suffered breathing problems. Police acted excessively attacking even the First Aid camps and doctors. They used more than 2500 units of tear gas and made the whole city of Athens a chemical war zone. They proceeded with many illegal arrests without any reason. They acted as paramilitary groups and terrorized people by driving and walking around the city center in military formations. Only by chance there were not any casualties.

The reason for this unacceptable violence was to terrorize and prevent people from taking action against the austerity measures and the new "rescue" plan imposed by the Greek government under the command of the EU, the ECB and the IMF. The reason for implementing such a plan lies in the protection of the interests of the banks and specific economic elites. The story is the same all around the world.

We call on everyone, who is in solidarity with the people struggling throughout the world to protest on the Dam square in Amsterdam on Sunday July 10th at 17:00.

———————----——————- Open assembly in Amsterdam———-----—————————–

[GIO] Call-out for protest & assembly sunday at the Dam

Let's think, discuss and eventually do something for our lives!

Protest-gathering & open assembly on Sunday 10th July, 17:00, Dam Square, Amsterdam

Since the outburst of the financial crisis back in 2008, there is an on-going attack on the rights of the people. This attack may at first sight seem to be different across countries, but at a closer inspection, it becomes obvious that this attack is actually the same. The argumentation used by european governments, EU officials and IMF is quite simple, there is a crisis and to deal with the crisis, budget cuts are needed. What all these officials do not say deliberately is the reasons that led to this crisis, and what these officials do not mention is that at the same time that they are imposing austerity measures, they are supporting the banks, providing them millions of euros.

The case of Greece is quite revealing of the situation. After a year of austerity measures and a rescue plan that led into further recession and increase of unemployement rates (in March 2011, the general unemployment rate was 16.2% and 40% for the youth), nothing has been solved and Greece is in even worse state, with more loans and in need of a new rescue plan. IMF and EU officials claim that the first rescue plan was right, but the implementation was wrong. However, a closer inspection shows that this is just a lie. The Greek government, EU and IMF knew that this kind of plan has no chance to succeed (one does not even need to be an economist to foresee failure: it is enough to see what happened in countries that followed similar plans, see for example, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Equador). The reason for implementing such a plan lies in the protection of the interests of the banks and of the interests of rich Greeks. In other words, EU used the Greek crisis as an excuse in order to subsidize further the banks. And after the failure of the first rescue plan, IMF, EU and the Greek government agreed on a second rescue plan with even more budget cuts and more severe terms. According to this second rescue plan, the Greek government should use the new loan to finance previous loans, needs to impose new austerity measures, reduce the public sector, privatise education, health and transportation and sell state property. What it means to sell state property becomes clear when examining what happened with the Greek telecommunication company (OTE) and Deutsche Telecom, a couple of weeks ago, Deutsche Telecom bought 10% of OTE for €400, while in 2008, Deutsche Telecom bought 30% of OTE for 3.8 millions… The most worrying part of the story is that this second rescue plan is also condemned to failure, leading Greek economy to further recession and Greek people to poverty. Similar budget cuts are imposed upon Spain, Portugal, Italy and during the last months some cuts were announced for The Netherlands too (look for instance what is happening in the mental health sectors, the culture sector, education and the public transport sector).

We are not happy with this situation. We feel that the profits of the banks and the industries are valued more than the quality of life of the people. We want to let IMF, EU and european governments know that we do not value the profits of banks and industries. We want to let IMF, EU and the european governments know also that we do not recognise the debt of any country and that we demand that the debts of the countries are written off.We express our solidarity to the Greek people and to every person that fights against the austerity measures and dreams of a society of the people, where life will be organised on the basis of equality and on the basis of the needs of people, instead of the needs of market, nation or ruling class.

Throughout Europe we have seen people taking to the streets, occupying squares and starting to have people's assemblies. With the authority of the political parties and unions fading, they have started to take things in their own hands. Also in the Netherlands we have seen some of these assemblies taking place, initially at the Dam square in Amsterdam, but later on also in Groningen, Delft, Rotterdam, Tilburg.
We call on everyone, who is in solidarity with the people in Europe rising up and who wants to think about how to move on in the Netherlands, to join us for a protest-gathering and open assembly at the Dam Square, Amsterdam, on Sunday 10th July at 17:00.


Website: http://

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting in Den Haag Today at 18.30

The group in Den Haag is coming together today at 18'30. The meeting point is under a tree going out the centraal station direction Marieveld. It's quite easy to find. Here the Facebook event:

There are people from Leiden and Delft that come together there. And a few people from Rotterdam started joing also in the last assembly. The assemblies are in a weekly basis, sometimes on Wednesdays, sometimes on Sundays.

The main communication mean is the Facebook group, as far as I know: They also have a group in Agora, but not very active these days.

Plaza protest: Thusday, July 14, 19.00, Heuvel, Tilburg.Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

Thursday, July 14, from 19.00 hour, there will be a plaza protest in Tilburg, at the Heuvel, Tilburg


Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

Plaza protest: Thusday, July 14, 19.00, Heuvel, Tilburg

The government cuts, the government destroys what we need for our existence. Those austerity policies themselves have to be destroyed. It is time for protest.

The PGB for many people will be stopped. People have to make bigger financial contributions for mental healthcare. Chronically sick, need help? Bad luck, see how you can manage. Need mental healthcare through GGZ? Just pay a lot extra. Fitting education, for children who need axtra attention, will be low-quality because of cuts. Orchestra's, theater companies, other art institutions will be cut back or will even have to close. VAT for tickets will rise, concerts etcetera wil be even more expensive. Jobs will be lost, choice in events wil be diminished.

Again and again, the most vulnerable people wil be hurt. Rich people will keep their tax subsidies for houses, capitalists continue to profit of tax advantages – at our expense. Money that is not availibla for care and public transport, suddenly appears for an expensive JSF fighter plane. We want this harsh austerity policies to be stopped. That is why we take action

The Netherlands does not stand alone. In Spain, there is mass unemployment, and severe cuts are imposed. In Greece, austority measures are pushing many people into deep poverty. It is blackmail: if Greece does not cut, the EU will not extend credits. Those credits don't benefit the poor Greek: they flow right back to pay back earlier debts. People in Spain and greece protest in large numbers against austerity and against their government. They give a good example, they deserve solidarity. For tht reason, too, we take action.

Therefore: come together at the Heuvelin Tiburg, on July 14, on 19.00! There will be some music, slogans will be made visible – but by all means brong your own banners, placards and other means of expression to contribute creatively to the protest. See and hear you. On the 14th of July – and please help spread this call!


Against cuts and austerity - for solidarity

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revolution solidair with squatters ! Demo tomorrow at 17.00 at the Dam

Demo Sunday 17.00 Dam
Many of us are squatting, many of us are familiar with squatting movement, all of us have benefits from.
Our struggle is one ! That's why i call that we would show our solidarity with the squatters this sunday at big demo against evictions of Schijnheilig and many others squats. Come with the our banners, baloons,leaflets and good energy and mood.
Demo this sunday at 17.00 at the dam !

General Assembly
Monday 15.00 Schijnheilig, Passeerdersgracht 23bg te Amsterdam.
Brain storm of ideas "beyond the eviction wave" - General Assembly for Squatting Movement, so another form ( but continuation ) of City Wide meetings.
Together we would like to create ideas to make some not expected steps that hopefully will improve the situation of squatting movement. Everyone may have idea about organizing for example next actions days, campaign, movie, graffiti festival, sleeping action, posters etc. Lets use the advantage that we would be many at the squatting resistance days and together brain storm those ideas, then create working groups who would like put them in to life.
By doing it more in the "spanish/dutch/world revolution" way we would like to exercise new way of meetings but also we would like to show among us the solidarity with the world wide struggle against capitalism, austerity measures and social cuts.
Why beyond eviction wave ?
First because we respect and wouldn't like to interfere in strategy what its already prepared. Second because we would like to start to create the movements what would be more offensive than defending.
With more heads we are smarter, with more hearts we are stronger, more hands are making work lighter.
Together we are power !
Solidarity is our strength !

Programma doordraaidagen.
Schijnheilig, Passeerdersgracht 23bg te Amsterdam.

Zaterdag 2 juli
11:00 Spelletjes, stoepkrijten en ander pret voor jong en oud
12:00 Infopunt doordraaidagen (hele dag)
13:00 Maak je eigen banner workshop
13:00/15:00 Arrestantengroep infopunt
14:00 Stichting 138a informatiebijeenkomst
18:00 Voku

Workshop 'filming actions' op aanvraag, mail naar: Ook zullen er films gedraaid worden, meer info op de dag zelf.

Zondag 3 juli
12:00 Banners afmaken
12:00 Infopunt doordraaidagen (hele dag)
13:00/16:30 Infomarkt door o.a. arrestantengroep, AGA, Dolle
mollies, Sjakie's vega lunchroom, workshop Stichting 138a, roze bivaks naaien en nog veel meer
19:00: Voku na afloop van demonstratie

Workshop 'filming actions' op aanvraag, mail naar: Ook zullen er films gedraaid worden, meer info op de dag zelf.

Maandag 4 juli
12:00 Infopunt doordraaidagen (hele dag)
13:00/15:00 arrestantengroep infopunt
18:00 Voku
20:00 Lezing 'Dutch nationalism for beginners', door E. v/d Hemel (in English)

Workshop 'filming actions' op aanvraag, mail naar: Ook zullen er films gedraaid worden, meer info op de dag zelf.

Dinsdag 5 juli
Dag van de ontruimingsgolf: Hou je oren en ogen open!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Minutes from the meeting about benefit party

Dear all,
Yesterday ¿? we talked about the “benefit party”; though no decision was taken because we were not a lot of people, we made a suggestions list in which everyone can participate.
1) Place: Ana is going to talk with OT301 and OCCII and Paco with Joe’s garage
2) Date: Everyone wants it to be as soon as possible but it is better to make things right even if it takes a bit longer, so it has been proposed Saturday 23rd of July.
3) Posters and advertising: Mel is in charge of making posters and flyers
4) Coordination: As Julia is in charge of coordination between cities, she will continue with it, but there is a person needed for coordination with other groups (Greeks, Dutch, squatters, associations that want to participate…) and for coordination of the action itself I ¿? am doing it myself but if anyone else wants to do it just say so.
5) Street diffusion: For the moment Maria is in this group, but the more people the better.
6) Disinformation workshop: Achi is in charge of checking how to do so and which videos are we going to show (subtitles are needed).
7) Music bands: Ana will talk with Caspian, Maria with Super City and Achi with a “rumba catalana” band that she knows. Everyone is welcome to ask other bands.

The idea would be to start around 6.30-7p.m. with food, an information desk and showing the videos of the disinformation workshop. When this finishes around 10-11 p.m., start with the concerts (2-3 bands) and then go on with a jam session.

For the information desk we need:
1) A suggestions box
2) Information flyers
3) Collect e-mails to be all in contact with each other
4) Information about the existing working groups and proposals for new ones.
This is just an option, so for everyone who wants to participate, we hope to have the place for the party within this week already and make a serious meeting to specify everything, we’ll let you know.

It has also been proposed as name of the party: “We give A’Dam! (The Party)”