Thursday, July 28, 2011

ACTA-MINUTES assembly 27/07 19h Museumplein Amsterdam

Proposed points  to be discussed
·         Evaluation of the info-party on Saturday 23rd
 >how to coordinate the people who joined the work commisions
 >how to manage the obtained money 

·         Coordination with the rest of the groups
 >evaluate the interaction with the non-spanish group
 >integrate within the general assemblies
 >follow the tolhuistuin events

·         Forums and media 

 > (comunication with the administrator)

·         Plans for the future
>Brussels' march
 >Follow Democracia Real Ya Propossals
 >Draw an action list

Additional topics to be discussed:

·         Workshop about N-1
·         Anonymous Survey about Why people are not joining the assemblies and the events anymore.
·         March to Brussels
·         Join to existing platforms and institutions to use their infrastructure

The assembly started discussing about the info-party. Which ones were the troubles and How to manage the obtained money. It has been decided to discuss this in since the people presented at the assembly were considered insufficient.

The info-party was considered a success and dozens of mail addresses were gathered. It is to be send a collective mail to the people who have sign in and to include the mail list of the current participants in the commissions organized early June, (Diffusion, Contents, Media, Action, Coordination, Logistics…) to give continuity to the organization as it is. The different commissions will be subscribed to  

The propose of the mail is also to call for  a workshop related to the functioning of the independent social network N-1 which has been decided the best platform to interact in and with the movement. This workshop is to be organized around Friday 5 in OT301 but final confirmation is still expected.

It has been discussed to organize an anonymous survey to get the feedback from people is not longer joining or participating actively. The purpose is to understand which are the reasons might “disconnect” the people with the movement in order to improve the coordination and to gather all the efforts together.

It has been proposed a March to Brussels by bike and/or bus to join efforts with other participant along Europe who are coming to Brussels around 15 October to protest against economical policies but mainly to show unity and solidarity among us

It has been discussed the possibility of creating contact with political parties, and NGO with the only intention of using their infrastructure and to create a parallel United Nations. It has been discussed than the current WSF is already gathering collectively this effort and we should focus into consolidate as a movement and to act locally for the time being.

It is decided to use as mere informative the current platforms
 and use the social network to organized discuss ad coordinate the efforts:

The assembly was closed and some of the participants enjoyed a potato- omelet with some beers.

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