Thursday, July 14, 2011

Utrecht Open Peoples' Assembly

O P E N - P E O P L E S - A S S E M B L Y - U T R E C H T
every thursday - 20:00 Domplein/ACU

B E I N G - A N G R Y - M E A N S - Y O U - K N O W
We celebrate that the Dutch citizens are angry. That they are indignated and outraged. That they asks questions about how our governments still try to convince their people that saving on human evolution is a good thing, that they are critical about how our governments continue to defend and keep stating that there are no other ways. We celebrate that the manifestatons of the art world, health care, environmental groups, anti-fascist groups, students, education, public transport, and many more are organizing their manifestations against senseless politics that - so we all have learned - listens more to the voice of money and power than the voice of its people and their democray.

D E M O C R A C Y - I S - T H E - P E O P L E
It is not the institutions that form democracy, it is human consciousness which creates and upholds it. We celebrate that the flame of the common complaint of these manifestations has a wider perspective than just defending their own group. We celebrate the fact that every one sees that looking further than just themselves invites every human being to direct democracy and that it is time to bundle all our forces.

B R I N G I N G - B A C K - C O L O U R - T O - O U R - V O I C E S
This is in fact happening everywhere in Europe and the world. On May 15th, in Spain the so called #SpanishRevolution brought hundreds of thousands people together on the streets. Everyhwere in the country started to pop up spontaneous, democratic peoples' assemblies which brought back power and colours to the voices of the people. The flame spread itself from Iceland and Spain to Greece, Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany and knows in the meantime already hundreds of representatives in the Netherlands and it grew to more than 10.000 people on the March of Civilization. Since 2 months now, we are having weekly open peoples' assemblies where the basic idea is direct democracy. This movement knows in Europe already more than 1 million people who try everyday to get closer to a universal world vision.

O R D I N A R Y - P E O P L E
We are just ordinary people who know it is time to let intelligence and humanity reign over manipulation, power and earnings. We are confident humanity is ready for this next step and that a democracy, based on everyone's idea is so many times stronger that the ficticious democracies of representatives, bankers and lobbyists.

We therefore invite you to join our open assemblies. Because so we can share and exchange knowledge, visions and methods to organize ourselves and grow together.

W I T H O U T - E X C E P T I O N
We believe that the real power of creation lies with the people. We believe that every single human being has the right to co-create the future visions of this planet. Without selection on colour, race, sexual preference, religion, nationality, roots, language, sex or status of your bank account. We believe that it is a human right to live out your deepest expression.

We believe humanity is ready for this. Together we are.

With greetings of the anonymous, the voiceless, the political colourless, the people for people.

Every Thursday Domplein 20:00 Utrecht (TakeTheSquare Utrecht)
Every Friday Tolhuistuin 17:00 Amsterdam (Plein der Beschaving X)
Every Sunday Dam 18:00 Amsterdam (TakeTheSquare A'dam)

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