Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the way to Brussels

The shortest way of the tour and the nicest weather- even though we are slow we'll get far! We started with bikes equipped with more posters, messages freshly stencilled on shirts: Solidary Economy; Squatting makes the march to Brussels only possible; Food Sovereignty Now!; The Revolution has just started ; No Borders!; listen to the people, listen free radios, People of the world rise up and take the streets, The bikes decorated with skipped flowers we biked on an old Roman road to Antwerpen, sun was with us and one guy on the market gave us fruits to support the cause- again postive reactions to our explications and flyers.

Arriving to Antwerp with sunset and full mooon we met our injured bikemates at the station to have assemply in the cold: We'll do some moving actions tomorrow in Brussels!

On the long way to the squat that hosts us tonight we passed different worlds: initiation ritual of young students to corporal associations the weirdest: People of the world, free yourself of wanting to be oppressed! Finally arriving we were received with a lot of healthy skip food- thanks brothers! Tomorrow they come with us to Brussels by bike! It is amazing that our groups gets larger day by day! from all places we pass!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After welcoming the cyclists that arrived all the way from Groningen, today the march to Brussels is leaving from Amsterdam and will arrive to Den Haag. Meet them at the Plein from 15:00 onwards! 
Here the list of cities they will be passing through this week:
11.10. Amsterdam - The Hague, 60 km, 4 hours 
12.10. The Hague - Breda, 75 km, 6h 
13.10. Breda - Antwerp, 50 km, 4h 
14.10. Antwerp - Brussels, 45 km, 4h 
15.10. Demonstration in Brussels.

Sunday, October 9, 2011



Hello people!

As you know the 15th of October is the World Action day.

Brussels is going to be one of the hot points because marchers from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, USA, Poland, England, Netherlands, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Tunisia are gathering in Brussels, organizing Assemblies to coordinate the movement internationally.

The 15th we will all march together non-violently towards the European Parliament to demonstrate that our voices cannot be silenced anymore.

We are shipping a bus from Amsterdam, stopping in Den Haag, to Brussels. We will start Friday 14th between 17-18 p.m. and we will be back Sunday 16th.

For more info and reservations email to:

Join us in this historical day! Spread the word!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

15-O >>>>>> we will occupy Amsterdam: We are 99%. Everything for everyone. History starts now

On October 15th people from all over the world will take to the streets and squares. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, people are rising up to claim their rights and demand a true democracy. Now it is time for all of us to join in a global non violent protest. The ruling powers work for the benefit of just a few, ignoring the will of the vast majority and the human and environmental price we all have to pay. This intolerable situation must end. United in one voice, we will let politicians, and the financial elites they serve, know it is up to us, the people, to decide our future. We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us. On October 15th, we will meet on the streets to initiate the global change we want. We will peacefully demonstrate, talk and organize until we make it happen. It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.

Take the square-NL have decided to occupy Amsterdam in collaboration with organizers from the event: It is a peaceful action from citizens, not specific parties, unions... You are welcome

Here the hashtags to follow in twitter: #15ONL  #globalchange  #occupyamsterdam