Making history in 2011, setting up this blog

During the last months, an alternative movement emerged in the squares of many countries.

This movement is the genuine reaction of the people against the way that the governments have chosen to deal with the crisis. People have started to gather in public spaces and occupy the squares to protest against the policies of the governments. The most optimistic element of this movement is that people stopped being passive and began to discuss about their lives and their problems making efforts to define a better society. This bettersociety can only materialize with the collective struggle of the people. The ‘Take the Square’ movement, which is based on the principles of real democracy, contributed at this.

Open assemblies are taking place in several cities of the Netherlands since last May. These assemblies are part of the Take the Square movement and have organized actions: Firstly, to show their solidarity to the Spanish and Greek people that initiated this movement in Europe. Secondly, to act here thinking global, joining forces with people and movements both from the Netherlands and from the international community.

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