Thursday, June 30, 2011


Secretary: Sol

Herewith are the topics we discussed:

1. Party in Amsterdam.

There is a proposal from the Assembly in Amsterdam for organizing a party/event in Amsterdam. There is a commission working on that. The discussion is ongoing within the Google group. A place is needed, also the date and the activities that will be done need to be decided. We agreed that we want to support the event although more information is required, for instance if money is collected with the event, we would like to know what the use of the money would be.

We would like to propose to the organizers to create an information point about the Spanish revolution in general or about a more concrete topic. We also though about the possibility of inviting Dutch artists (which are now very active) to the party, they could present a paper proposal for the Dutch government regarding the government cuts; and we would have an assembly in order to agree about the final document. It would work as an example for them of how an assembly works.

2. Rol of the movement.

We discussed about the two characteristics of the Spanish Revolution in The Netherlands. In one side we want to support the actions in Spain and on the other side we want to expand the movement internationally, for which other kind of activities are required. We would like to coordinate more actions with the Dutch social movements, which so far has been a bit complicated. Also access to more information about the actions in Spain would help to support them.

3. Communication.

This is a very important point. Also related with the connection with the Spanish movement. Currently there are many different ways of communication ongoing, Facebook, google groups and Dutchrevolution.blogspot are working quite well in the dutch revolution but other systems, more secure and better for internal communication are being developed. Within the Den Haag Assembly we were using the free Social Network “Agora” developed by the assembly from Terrasa (Catalonia, Spain). We also know that a Bigger Free Social Network called N-1 is being developed. In theory all the assemblies across Europe are using it.  We agree to use all of them up until we realize which one works better for our needs.

4. Actions.

There are different actions taking place in the Netherlands. The same day of the assembly 26 of June, a big March from Rotterdam to Den Haag took place for protesting against the social and cultural expenditures cuts. There was a demonstration in Den Haag Monday 27th. More actions from the cultural and artists groups might be organized. Also the public transport workers are actively organizing strikes against the privatization of the public services.

The days from 2 to 5 of July Squatters groups among the country are going to resist the enforcement of the anti-squat law in the Netherlands. We agreed that the fight of the squatters is fair because it is a direct action against the housing speculation and the right to have a house. Nevertheless any support to them must have the condition that no violence of any kind would be used. The pacifism of our movement is its best weapon.

Finally, due to the huge demonstrations in Greece these days against the privatization of the public services and the social cuts forced by the EU, IMF and World Bank, the Greek movements in Greece asked for any support from abroad, actions, manifestations, etc. The 29th the Greeks will surround the Parlament peacefully to avoid the approval of the cuts.

We did not agree any direct support or action for these issues, but each of us is free to support it or propose anything in this regard.

5. Comissions and Structure.

Within the Den Haag Assembly there is not any clear division of tasks yet due to the still small number of persons involved. (There were also members from Rotterdam and Leiden in the Assembly that do not have their own assembly yet) We though that by know would be better to organize ourselves within the commission going on in Amsterdam, which might work as national. In case of necessity we can create our own. By now we decided that what we need for sure is somebody responsible of the Assembly Summary that would be also responsible to upload the information to Dutchrevolution.blogspot. For this time Sol will be the responsible.

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