Thursday, June 9, 2011

SCHIJNHEILIG moves to the Dam! Flex Housing Works and aversion-auditions.

SCHIJNHEILIG moves to the Dam! Flex Housing Works and aversion-auditions.

Coming Friday, June 10 Schijnheilig moves her stage for the early evening to the Dam. We will do a performance of 'FLEX WORK PLACE". Nowadays many people live flexible. Flex Housing is the temporary occupation of vacant premises because the owner knows nothing, wants, or cannot do with his pledge. There exist so-called loan-or babysitting contracts. Because the user manages the property as housing allowance, yet to leave immediately if the owner wishes, it is also a kind of flexible work: hence the flex residential work.During this performance
SCHIJNHEILIG wants to study this phenomenon better, together with her audience. What are the benefits, and for whom? Above all: what do today's residential flex workers want ? Afterwards AUDITIONS for our monthly poetry, music and performance program, the aversion will take place. That is a happening with a wink. So come to see or to act.

Why on the Dam? Since May 15, the day in Spain and a few days later in Greece and England youth took over central squares of major cities , there are also everyday people at the Dam square in Amsterdam. They hold meetings there and people demonstrating against the way in which today all over Europe with the debts arising from the crisis is handled. In the Netherlands it leads to HUGE ECONOMIES IN CARE, TRANSPORTATION, CULTURE AND HIGHER EDUCATION. Their message is simple: let the bankers pay their own debts. They call for nothing less than revolution, a decline of the dominant capitalism, banning political gatherings of their flags, rebel against the parliamentary 'representational' democracy and demand a return to A POLICY WHICH REFERS TO EQUALITY. The name: REAL DEMOCRACY: NOW !!!
Schijnheilig supports the protesters at the Dam and will therefore move to the Dam on June 10 from 20:00's upcoming performance and auditions for the Reluctance . Everyone is invited to support the demonstration there in words, images and sound. Come,practice poetry, sing and dance your way around the CLAIMING OF THE DAM

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