Monday, June 27, 2011

Revolution Support the Cultur at Roots Festival

We spread 2000 leaflets and we had also fun :)

It's time to take a stand together

We are taking action out of concern for the whole of our society. This government's thoughtless policies affect many. With its empty politics of symbolism it destroys what civilisation needs: beauty, innovation, care, trust, openness and tolerance.

With this government in power we are heading for a society with no room for curiosity, in which everything is expressed in numbers. A society in which identity becomes an oppressive straitjacket, instead of the multicoloured collection of opinions, beliefs and forms of expression that characterise us and make the Netherlands special. This government is aiming for a society in which the right of the strongest prevails, nuance is considered a weakness, money and power outrank beauty and care. In our opinion, this is an uncivilised society.

That's why we demand the government to stop using the economic crisis as a justification for indecent governance, to put aside its contempt for facts, to show statesmanship and take true responsibility for future generations.

We want to live in a country that invests in its future. We want to live in a country that doesn't just harvest, but also sows. Civilisation without future is a future without civilisation.

We call out to everyone who is affected by this cabinet's visionless policy; everyone who believes in a different future, everyone who is envisioning another country, to walk along. We do not walk for ourselves, but for each other. It is time to draw a line together. Stop this government.

June 27. 1 am - 16:30 am. massive protest at the Malieveld.

For those who's spirit is stronger than their body: join in later on!
What can I do?

Spread the word! Forward the action in emails! Invite everyone on Facebook!

The March of Civilization is an initiative led by artists and art lovers.

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  1. For another report about the last march:

    And the OFFICIAL website of Bilderberg:
    Let there be no mistake, this is no conspiracy-theory!!!
    Check out yourself who meet there.
    What is discussed is secret. But these are the people who drive capitalism with the maximum-profit-dogma.
    Politicians are included!