Sunday, June 5, 2011

Revolution comes to Tilburg

Ook in Tilburg komt actie, in navolging en solidariteit met acties in onder meer Spanje, Griekenland en diverse Nederlandse steden. Op donderdag 9 juni op 19.00 verzamelen mensen zich op het Pieter Vreedeplein in de binnenstad van Tilburg.

In Tunisia and Egypt, people took action against dictatorship. The dictators were forced to leave. Much has to happen, but a great step towards freedom has been taken. In Syria and Yemen, people fight fior that freedom, against murderous regimes. In Spain, thousands of people are taking action, because of a 'democracy' that does not listen, because of austerity and budget cuts that hur...t people badly, because of unemployment hurting young people, but not only them. In Greec,ce, people are taking action aginst budget cuts and privatisation that kicks people into poverty in order to goive banks, companies, financial institutions and governments get the loaned money back. In the Netherlands, in Tilburg also, we want to stand in solidarity and to support the struggles in these and other countries. On June 9th, we are taking action!

We stand in solidarity, and we fight a similar fight right here. In the Netherlands also, politicians disregard what many people want, here as well, a democracy that does justice to the desires of the population does not exist. In the Netherlands, the government rules agi ainst our rights and interests. Drastic austerity policies is hurting our incomes, our jobs, our collective services. Child care will become more expensive, personal helath budgets will be destryed for many people, public transport will be hit by commercial sale to companies. Jobs and incomes are threatened. So are buslines and services. And this is only the beginning of anti-social destruction. Meonwhile, some politicians are attacking whole groups of people – Muslims, immigrants, refugees - in order to disctract attention and to divide and rule.

We – a number of persons in Tilburg worried about budget cuts and lack of democratic control in society – say: it is more than enough! Just like people in those other countries, and in other Dutch cities, we want to make ourselves heard, in favour of real democracy and against austerity, against blaming moslims, immigrants and refugees.. We want to do that with as many other people as possible. The Egypt Revolution came to Spain, the Spanish revolution came to the Netherlands – now the Dutch revolution comes to Tilburg. We are taking action!

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