Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ATTENTION Workshop N-1 19.00 2.100 Tolhuistuin Buiksloterweg 5a Amsterdam

The venue and time of the N-1 workshop changed. It will be in Tolhuistuin from 19'00 to 21'00, Friday 19th of August after the general gathering of Plein der Beschaving. Please forward the information to anyone interested.

El taller de la N-1 ha cambiado de lugar y hora. Será en el Tolhuistuin de 19'00 a 21'00 el viernes 19 de agosto después de la reunión general del Plein der Beschaving. Por favor, reenviad la información a quien creais conveniente.

Workshop N-1: Take the squares, take the streets, take the networks

Where: Tolhuistuin
Address: Buiksloterweg 5a, 1031 CC Amsterdam
When: Friday 19th of August from 19'00 to 21'00 (after the Plein der Beschaving)
(Free entrance, English language)

For a social movement, creating our own tool for social interaction on the net is very important. Because it's a way to realize our “technological sovereignty” and, in doing so, reclaim social networking for all the relationships and connections we establish as activists, collectives and collective actions fighting for social and political change.

Above all, we see N-1 as a tool that's specially handy when working with many groups an a lot of information. And a working tool that comes with the guarantee that you won't wake up one day to your account having been censored overnight.

We've got a main group (Take the square) where we intend to gather everybody in forums, a shared calendar and many more tools that will facilitate communication and collaborative work. You can find it:

We've also opened groups based on subject (SpanishRevolution: or actions (like the march to Brussels next October: These are examples of how we can work on specific topics within a global action. And it means that newcomers (perhaps like you?) are welcome to have a look, get an idea of what's going on and if you like it, join one or more groups or even propose new ones.

 Please help us spread the news, together we can make this world a better place!

#SpanishRevolution for WorldRevolution--
La unión hace la fuerza.

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