Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Video prepared for the info-night of the 23rd of July resuming the activities of the 15M in Amsterdam.

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  1. WHO is ANGRY?!?!?!

    I think and feel it's good to be aware that the world is being mis-led by rulers who operate by force.

    But the solution, i believe, is a combination of more knowledge and... LOVE.
    So making love is very important to carry the right vibe.

    However if we spread anger, IT'S EASY to get caught up
    in a DIVIDE-and-RULE-game between people and police.
    Furthermore the potential of love transcends boundaries:
    Thus if we feel love, we are far more DANGEROUS for external rulers, because a CONNECTION is there to be felt.

    But this LOVE needs to be in balance with knowledge.
    For love without knowledge becomes stupidity.
    And knowledge without love is arrogance.

    Now about violence...
    THE problem is that violence you use, will be used as excuse to use violence against you. EVEN so when the police starts, and also even when the mainstream media maintains a negative focus, it is simply the example that we give and live.
    It is also more difficult to stay peaceful, it's a personal test.

    Having said that, i do agree that rightful anger that we feel, is good to stand for a cause we need. This cause is FREEDOM!
    But if you're blinded by anger, and project it outside, you become more vunerable
    because solid peace is missing inside.
    This peace has to live within us.

    So let's become peaceful warriors.
    That's the spirit, Come on LET US
    Promote Freedom As a birthRight.
    Let that be the Principle For us To Unite!

    Freedom people: Power to the Peaceful.