Friday, August 12, 2011


11 people were present.

The points discussed were the following:

1. Defining values and goals of the Zuid Holland assembly

After making a summary of the crucial dates of the many actions and demonstrations in September (check document, the assembly agrees that we have to start creating a document that defines the common reasons to gather and the goals of our particular assembly. This will make it easier to coordinate with other groups with similar interests and to define the future actions.

We are going to open a subgroup in the N-1 to start working on a draft. By next assembly on the 17th of August, we should have the main points/headlines to discuss.

2. Working method of the assembly:

The assembly decides to make two subgroups:

1- Freethinkers/content/thinking: in the following weeks, this subgroup will work on the definition of the values and goals of the assembly. It will also propose subjects for debates and possible solutions to social problems.

2- Action: this subgroup will think of different actions consequent with the definition and goals of the assembly.

It is possible for the same people to be part of the two subgroups. The aim is to make “mental space” for the two subjects: that in the N-1 group we roughly develop proposals for actions and content, and in the assemblies we take the time to discuss them further.

For that, there will be two subgroups created in the N-1, Action and Thinking

Important: we all agree to communicate better online with the N-1 ( so we make sure that concrete proposals are developed before we meet in the assemblies, where we will make the decisions and discuss the difficult points.

3. Rough ideas for the Freethinkers document:

- Our role in the revolution as expats
- Common consequences of the crisis (NL/EU/Global).
- How to communicate with other groups.

4. Next action: Info-night

Proposed dates: 9 or 10 of September.
To take into account: the 10th of September there will be a big demonstration call from Greece.

The aim of the infonight is to see our capability and to inform people about the existence of the Zuid Holland assembly. There should be information about the 15O (call for Global Revolution), the March to Brussels ( and the current political context (also in NL). The emphasis will be in making a good informative event, nevertheless we agree that it is also important to have music and a party.

Some brainstorm ideas: showing documentaries, making playful workshops/games, performances by musicians and dancer that participants of the assembly...

Venue: We have to start looking for one. If anyone has suggestions, please, let the assembly know. For the moment we will check out Nuthuis, squat places, and cultural initiatives.

5. Contact with other groups

We haven't decided about how to join the demonstration of the different Dutch sectors in September, but we will keep them in mind.

For the moment, one of us will check this Friday with the Plein van Beschaving ( if we can coordinate something with them.

To do list (any help and suggestions are welcome):

- Start working online on the headlines of the Freethinkers/content/thinking document
- Look for venues for the info-night
- Think about info-night program
- Contact Plein der Beschaving

Next assembly:

Wednesday 17th of August at 18'30. Next to Den Haag Central Station, under the biggest tree in the park between Koningstunnel and Koekamplaan, in front of the Koninklijke Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten.

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