Sunday, September 25, 2011

15-O, first activity: MARCH TO BRUSSELS...meeting to prepare...

Cycling to Brussels – towards the WorldRevolution We're traveling: from 11 to 15 October

Do you want to burn calories and the unfulfilled promises of our politicians?
Are you fed up with trying to change the world from your couch?

Are you feeling bloated with too many abstract explanations?
Are you short of cash for the bus but still you want to raise your voice?

Get on moving! 

Come cycle with us to Brussels without politicals simbols and take part on the big international demonstration on 15th October.

You can come in Bus too. From 14 to 16 of October.

MEETING: 27 of September, Cafe Budapest. Bring the staff to prepare the accions.

Tired of corrupted governments, we've decided to carry the weight of all those political decisions taken in Brussels and give 'em back to them. As a symbolic gesture, to denounce their actions, we will take with us the faces of those EU MPs who have fallen under the influence of the financial lobbies.

On our way through the Netherlands and Belgium we'll gather water, earth and the demands of the citizens of the places we stop at. We'll take it all with us and present it to the Euro Parliament. It's water and earth because we don't want to produce a manifest talking about abstract things like money and public debt. Water and earth are the elements that give us life and all those things they're taking away from us. Once in Brussels we'll symbolically burn the money and present the water and earth to the Parliament.

Join us taking part in this. Let's work together and share your own demands too!

Take the Square-NL

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