Thursday, September 27, 2012


 29-09-2012, 19:00 H, DAM SQUARE

Este sábado se hace de nuevo un llamamiento para rodear el Congreso en Madrid con la intención de que sea más masivo aún que el pasado 25s.
Es necesario seguir denunciado que el Gobierno de Mariano Rajoy no merece gobernar este país y por ello se ha decidido convocar nuevas concentraciones, para demostrar, asimismo, que la estrategia de producción de miedo y de criminalización emprendida no va dar resultado.
Desde Amsterdam nos sumanos a esta iniciativa organizando también, para el sábado 29, una acción d

e protesta en la Plaza Dam con el objetivo de denuciar los abusos de poder, violaciones a los Derechos Humanos y formas de reprimir al Pueblo que el gobierno esta utilizado sistemáticamente en España. Por no hablar de la manera descarada de hacer política, haciendo lo contrario de lo que prometen en sus programas electorales, manipulando y distrayendo la atención de la gente con los medios de comunicación y recortando al pueblo en sus salarios, sanidad, educación, etc. Mientras ellos siguen con sus sueldos y privilegios intactos.

El objetivo de estas protesas es conseguir que el Gobierno dimita e iniciar en España un proceso Constituyente. La presion internacional en este momento es fundamental. Vamos a demostrarles que tenemos capacidad de reactivarnos en cualquier momento y que no vamos a permitir que nos silencien.

Desde el 15M Holanda animamos también a otras Asambleas o personas de otras ciudades a hacer lo mismo e intentar organizar acciones de apoyo.


This Saturday there is again a call to surround the Congress in Madrid with the intention that this will be even more massive than last 25s.
It is necessary to continue denouncing that the Government of Mariano Rajoy does not deserve to govern this country and therefore it has been decided to convene new concentrations, to demonstrate further that the production strategy of fear and criminalization is not working.
From Amsterdam we join this initiative organizing for Saturday 29, a protest in Dam Square in order to speak out about the abuse of power, violations of human rights and ways to suppress the people that the government is used continuously in Spain. Not to mention the blatant way of doing the opposite of what they promise in their election programs, manipulating and distracting the attention of people with manipulated media and cutting the people wages, health, education, etc.. While they continue with their salaries and privileges intact.

The objetive of these protests is to get the government resign and start a constituent process in Spain. The international pressure is critical at this time. Let's show them that we have capacity of organization at any time and we will not allow that they silence us.

From Holland 15M we also encourage other Assemblies or people from other cities to do the same, trying to organize support actions.


  1. Shame on you!!!The Spanish goverment was elected and obtain the support of the majority of the Spanish people. You cannot expect the goverment to change the situation in such a short period of time, specially not after 8 years of wasting money and unclear direction from previous rulers.Spain is a fantastic country with its people being one of the biggest Assets. I understand people's frustration but this is absolutely not the way you want to bring the "Brand" of a great country like Spain in countries like The Netherlands.

    Good luck to all of you whatever you decide to do but please remeber who you are and where you come from.

  2. @ The right to demonstrate is a democratic right! Fact that the government was elected doesn't mean you are not allowed to demonstrate against them.If anyone should be ashamed it should be the PP and PSOE: as no one trust them anymore

  3. How easy is to blame others: PP, PSOE, banks. I remembered when I used to do it as well !!! However we are all the owners of our own destiny. I wake up every morning and I decide what to do. No one else does it for me. A lot of people in Spain, myself included, lived above their means. Who is the one to blame: Government, Banks, EU, Capitalism. List seems endless, doesn’t it? Myself, I tried for a year – the time I did not have a job – to find someone to blame. What a waste of my time!!! We all knew we were playing with fire. Guess what happens when you play with fire….Exactly Right!!You got it: Your burn yourself!!! And that is exactly what happened to many of us who lived in Spain above their means. After this I realized I have a two choices: Either stay in Spain, do nothing, complain and blame others or pack my stuff and look for work anywhere; so my family can eat and get education. I do not believe a demonstration will help my family, my country.

    You can demonstrate. After all is a democratic right. But more importantly IT IS YOUR CHOICE. I will not join as I will be working to send money to my family, my country. IT IS MY CHOICE!!! and I choose to work hard to provide for my family and put my country, Spain, where it should be. Demonstrate will not help the people in Spain. Working harder together will do. After all the people of the Spain is the our greatest Asset. Anywhere I go I do not forget who I am and where I come from. Demonstrate does not help me, my family or my country to get back to where we deserve, where we want. IT IS MY CHOICE

  4. You´re simply an ignorant !! have a slave mentality and suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Get some help and open your eyes!!

    People like you should not even be allowed to enter the Country.

    (from a ¨lazy¨ spanish who NEVER lived above her means and is definitely grateful to the people getting out there!)